Why ISP?

New results are impossible to achieve using the old ways. ISP exists together with all that is new: new ideas, new concepts, new ways, new people, and new technology. Of course, it is not easy to create new things.

That is why WE need YOU, especially young adults and women of Indonesia who have always felt distant from politics. ISP is dedicated for YOU, as WE are no one without YOU!

As a new party, we are no longer held hostage with the old political importance and clientelism, depraved track records, bad history, as well as corrupted image from the previous political party.

ISP provides a large portion for women, thus ISP’s political movement does not only qualify with the requirement of having 30% of women in the party, but ISP’s political decisions are also created and taken through the active involvements of women.

Consistently, ISP separates between two issues that are sometimes intermingled and blurred: between managing a party and handling politics. Since the beginning, ISP has divided its political structure with its administrative structure. There will be no politicians who manage the party’s administrative system to then use their power for their own interests, because the party will be run by young professionals who have a true, correct, and genuine understanding on how to manage a modern, professional, clean, and transparent organization.

Tunjukkan Solidaritasmu!